Over the years NeuroMovement® has proved that so much more is possible than ever believed through conventional exercising and rehabilitation for adults of all ages.

Whilst it represents a departure from traditional thinking and practices, for those who have experienced traumatic brain injury or trauma, or injury, NeuroMovement redefines what it possible as it transforms those requiring rehabilitation, both physical and cognitive.

To thrive as one becomes older, reverse ageing and increase vitality and mobility, eliminate aches, pains and limitations, the secret lies in waking up the brain to create new connections NeuroMovement is essential. It changes your brain for the better and can do throughout life!


By taking advantage of the brain’s enormous potential to rewire, create new connections and possibilities, NeuroMovement® lessons transform and redefine what is possible for those requiring rehabilitation, both physical and emotional.

Balance & movement

Create the right conditions to learn better co-ordinated movement and balance, be more sure-footed and move faster. NeuroMovement® can reverse the effect of poor or deteriorating balance and give ease of movement and freedom to do more.

Relief from pain

To move out of pain, restrictions and suffering, the rich repertoire of gentle, safe movements, change movement patterns formed in the brain, enabling the discovery of new pain-free ways of moving throughout the body.
Whole body fitness

Whole body fitness

Experience an increase in fitness and well-being through NeuroMovement® lessons which flood the brain with the new information that it needs to make positive quantum changes – often experienced as miraculous.

Vitality & anti-ageing

Learn how to reverse the damage caused by a lifetime of poor posture and movement, to improve your mind and body. NeuroMovement wakes up the brain, for more energy and vitality, regained flexibility, strength and joy. Live life to the fullest, at any age.

To find out more about the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® I highly recommend reading her excellent book Move Into Life for adults.

Move Into Life
By Anat Baniel

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