Experience the remarkable capacity of your brain to change and transform your life for the better – physically, emotionally and cognitively.

Participate in a gentle, safe and pleasurable group movement class to experience your body becoming more flexible and pain beginning to diminish. Revitalise your life and enhance your well being.

Wake up and rewire your brain by learning how to:

OVERCOME PAIN & stiffness in the back and neck
REVERSE LIMITATIONS due to ageing or injury
INCREASE overall flexibility and strength
ENHANCE your mental clarity and vitality
GAIN new levels of fitness – body and mind

About the classes

– Classes last between 45-60 minutes.

– You will be verbally guided by me to do gentle movements throughout

– Each lesson will concentrate on a different function and movement skill, to focus on brain change and growth, leading to rapid increases in better organisation, strength, flexibility & skill.

– Wear loose comfortable clothing such as sweatpants, yoga pants, etc. so full range of movement is not constricted by your clothing.

– Please bring clean socks.

– A folded towel makes a good head support if needed.