Movement with attention

By bringing attention to what we feel when we move, the brain starts building billions of new neurological connections that facilitate changes in learning and transformation.


Fast we can only do what we already know, whereby we fall back on old learned patterns. To overcome limitations and master new skills we need to slow down to get the brain’s attention which in turn stimulates the formation of rich new neural patterns.


Variation gives the brain a richness of information it needs to create new possibilities in movement, thought, feelings and action. It helps to increase awareness, to break away from stuck, rigid old patterns and to awaken new ideas and possibilities in life.


To beat pain and limitation the brain needs less force. Reducing the force and effort with which we move and think, increases our sensitivity and ability to perceive differences. These perceptions give the brain new information it needs to organise action successfully.


Enthusiasm lights up the brain. By approaching a task with enthusiasm the brain stands up and takes notice. It tells the brain what’s important to you and helps the learning process. It is a skill that can be developed to become good at.

Flexible Goals

Holding goals loosely allows the brain to prioritise information and to optimise the system for the greatest likelihood of success. Freedom from the compulsion of meeting a goal in a certain way keeps us open-minded and reduces anxiety and increases creativity.

The learning switch

The brain is either in learning mode – the learning switch is on – or it is not. Repetition, drilling, habitual patterns and emotions as we get older, all tend to turn the learning switch off. Activating the learning switch allows the brain to do its job properly, to discover and create new possibilities.

Imagination and dreams

Through imagination the brain figures out new possibilities without actually having to perform, whilst at the same time creating new neural pathways. The use of imagination and dreams enables us to transcend limitations and create the blueprint for future success.


To be aware means to be fully alive and present. It is when the brain is working at its highest level, noticing nuances, revealing options and greatly accelerating the learning process.