Our son has Autism and is non-verbal. Prior to starting ABM he was anxious a lot of the time. We only ever felt that he was in the moment with us when he was in very familiar surroundings. He started ABM in September 2017 and since then his anxiety levels have decreased measurably. As a result he is more confident out and about and we can try new places and experiences with him. He is much more engaged with us and he is much better at following instructions. Physically his posture has improved and he has more body strength. Daily tasks like tolerating tooth brushing have improved and this has translated into easier visits to the dentist, for example. He is a much happier and contented boy. Amanda has a very calm and understanding approach. She has built a great rapport with our son and even after just one session it was obvious that he was happy to be there again.
Parents of 13 year old non-verbal autistic boy
I had a stroke 4 ½ years ago and I heard of the Anat Baniel Method through correspondence with Jill Bolte-Taylor (a renowned neuroanatomist who also had a stroke 23 years ago). From home in Namibia, I arranged an Intensive with Amanda in London (I am English but have lived in Namibia for the last 27 years). I felt Amanda was very good at her 'job' and was completely relaxed about everything. I now notice that my fingers are working better .....for driving I can turn the indicators on/off without moving my hand off the steering wheel, for swimming I can do 5 strokes of butterfly (I could only do 3 last year, very badly!) and I can almost walk like a normal person..my right toes are almost back to normal.
50 year-old mother of 2
My daughter (4yrs) has had 6 intensives with Amanda. Just before we started, I had been told that my daughters hips were most likely fused, due to lack of movement and that her feet would never go flat on the floor. Her legs were also constantly held straight out, tense, toes pointed. During the first Intensive her spine straightened significantly which was huge for us, as she had been wearing a corrective suit for around 6wks (with no noticeable change). I was also being urged to put hand splints on her, as her hands were generally held in fists. Now, not only has Soraya full movement in her joints, she sits with knees bent, legs splayed and her feet go flat on the floor: her favourite game is kicking things, musical toys & me! Her hands are also open & relaxed. Another huge gain was that her eyesight noticeably improved, she has been diagnosed with cortical visual impairment, her eyes would be moving around a lot and would not fix and follow. She now focuses for short periods on faces, and is also able to follow a light-up toy, very slowly but definitely intentionally. There have been so many subtle changes within my daughter, far too many to mention. I have found that by implementing the ABMN principles at home Soraya is a lot happier, calm & content. One thing I have to mention, is the relationship between Amanda & Soraya, it is the most beautiful thing to watch. Amanda treats my daughter with so much respect and constantly remarks on how clever she is: she connects with her in a way I have never seen with anyone else and as a mother who is constantly being told what your child will never do, this is not only a breath of fresh air, it is a lifeline, it is hope.
Mother of Soraya
I was intrigued to find out what NeuroMovement was, so I attended the group class. The movements are gentle but precise. And just when you think you have the measure of it, another facet is revealed. I have noticed an overall improvement in wellbeing and movement, but the biggest surprise is the quantifiable difference in the speed I am running - it just keeps on improving, without even trying!
Jane, 50
When I found Amanda, I was in such pain that I was starting to think that my performance days were coming to an end. I had tried so many things, which hadn’t helped, so was really desperate. But even after the very first lesson I could feel improvements and the pain starting to ebb away........like nothing else I had experienced. It was such a relief and it has since exceeded all my expectations. I no longer have the excruciating pains that plagued me for so long. I’ve continued with Amanda and since then my piano playing has taken on an ease I never knew before. I’ve become an ABMN Evangelist! And now it has become an essential part of my professional work ethic.
Johnathan, 34 professional pianist
My lower back seems to have unfrozen, my ankles and feet are so much better - I can actually stride out, as opposed to tentatively hobble. I walked back from Kingston last Friday - that’s 3.2 miles...OK, I had a break for a cup of tea and a rest in Teddington, but even so, I wouldn’t even have attempted that 2 weeks ago. I don’t know what to say... If this is the result after one course I can’t even begin to imagine how I’ll feel after another weeks intensive. So excited! The results are so significant.
K with chronic Fibromyalgia
Since those last lessons he seems so much more independent and afterwards, that night, he showered himself. At school the next day he told a joke!!! These things have never happened before!
Mother of 14 year old autistic son
The Vision Therapist has just been. Previously, Donna showed no interest in the light whatsoever, but this time followed it with her eyes and even lifted her right hand towards it when it moved to that side. The therapist simply couldn’t believe it!
Mother of 3 yo daughter with cortical visual impairment, and diagnosed as blind.
Neuromovement with Amanda has made a huge difference to my life. When I started to attend Amanda’s group classes, a year ago, I was in such pain with my back, that I was struggling to do my job, and even avoiding housework. Now, the back pain that I’ve had for nearly thirty years rarely returns, and when it does, it’s mild, and disappears rapidly. A shoulder injury acquired during this year has also been cured as a result of combining private lessons with group classes. Amanda designed a personal programme of intervention, which has worked a dream. Having had sports injuries throughout my life, and seen all sorts of practitioners, I’ve never had results which feel so sustainable. I’ve not only been able to get on top of my life again, but return to my favourite sport of rowing with a sense of symmetry and comfort that I haven’t had since my teenage years. I’ve lost weight and feel generally great, and optimistic about my health. Having the group classes every week, and more intense bespoke intervention when I need it, gives me huge confidence.
I came to ABM Neuromovement out of curiosity and was hooked from the very first class. It seems to be based on deceptively simple, clever movements that have a notable effect on how you move, your flexibility and overall well-being. The classes are mentally relaxing and yet have a profound physical effect, without physical strain.
Annie (retired)
...we have only just started with you, but the biggest change we have seen so far has been emotional control, where we are no longer experiencing meltdowns.....it has made such a difference
Mother of 12 year old non-verbal Autistic boy
Woman practicing yoga
I really can’t believe how much better and more hopeful I feel. It is the first intervention I have had that has given me such hope not only on a physical level but at a life force level too.
Liz, with chronic frozen shoulder